What is an Escape Room?
Escape rooms are specially equipped puzzle rooms that are played with a team of 2 to 7 people. The goal is to escape from the room within 60 minutes and solve various tasks from the areas of logic, skill or even general knowledge. There are many keys, locks, codes and hidden signs. The groups in the rooms are observed via cameras by a game master who provides assistance when needed.

In the FLUCHTGEFAHR we offer you 5 rooms with 4 different stories and scenarios. Sherlock (Holmes - our classic), Tatort (German detective story), Robin Hood (the one from the Middle Ages) and twice the Kuckucksnest (to "fly over").
What is a typical visit like?
Please be on time for your booked appointment at our puzzle villa in Bonn Endenich, Endenicher Straße 282. It is not necessary to be there earlier - please just come at the booked time. At the beginning you can safely lock your jackets, bags and valuables in the checkroom and visit our toilets once again. We will give you the key to your locker into the room so that no one has access to your personal belongings.

Afterwards, our friendly game master will explain everything you need to know for your game. You can also ask all your open questions now. Then you will be led to your room and have 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles, crack all the codes and escape to freedom.

Please allow about 90 minutes for your entire visit.
Where can I park?
The parking lot of the NETTO supermarket belongs to our house, which you can reach via the Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring (B56). You can park there for 120 minutes free of charge. Please remember your parking disc.
What do I have to wear/bring?
You don't need any special equipment: Your normal leisure/office clothes are perfectly adequate. It is a good idea to bring your reading glasses - but you don't need any pens, magnifying glasses, smartphones or bolt cutters. Feel free to leave them in your locker, along with your jackets and bags.
Am I too old/too young?
You can't really be too old. If there are children under 14, we ask for at least one accompanying adult in the room.
Do I have to be athletic or particularly smart?
Solving the puzzles does not require any special athleticism. The puzzles are partly difficult, but special previous knowledge is not necessary.
I have health problems - can I still play?
Basically, everyone is welcome at FLUCHTGEFAHR! But of course we also want you to be comfortable with us. If you have any health problems at the moment, please inform your game master before the game starts. In our rooms you can expect strong magnets, strobe lights and crawling corridors. If you want to be sure that your room is suitable for you, please call us before booking - we will be happy to help you.
Are the rooms barrier-free?
Our villa is an old and listed building. Unfortunately, it is not barrier-free. But we can make a lot of things possible for you - please call us before booking.
What happens if I am late?
Especially on the weekends we are usually fully booked. This means that a late start of the game delays our entire daily schedule. If you arrive significantly late, it may not be possible to play your game. Otherwise, we can let you play with shortened playing time.
Are there restaurants nearby?
Almost all restaurants in the immediate vicinity are listed on our website under Corporate Events. If you want to eat something in the area after your game, please make reservations directly with the restaurants themselves as we do not have a cooperation.
Photos of you on Facebook ...
We take a souvenir photo of all the groups before the game and send it to you by email the same day. We sometimes also post these pictures on Instagram and Facebook. If you do not agree with this, please just let us know.


How many people can fit in one room?
• Sherlock: 2 - 6 people
• Kuckucksnest 1 & 2: 2 - 6 people
• Robin: 2 - 6 people
• Tatort: 3 - 7 people

If you want to play with a different number of people, feel free to call us!
Is it creepy or dark?
No, you do not need to be afraid! Nevertheless, there may be small moments of fright. But there is no reason to worry: If you should panic, you can free yourself at any time.
Is it dangerous? Am I really locked?
You have no danger to fear! The entrance door to the room can also be used as an exit at any time, if you should feel uncomfortable or simply need to visit the restroom.
What if I get stuck and do not know what to do?
Don't be afraid! You will always be watched by our friendly game masters via the cameras in our rooms. If you get stuck, they will help you back on track with little hints.
Are there different difficulty levels?
Yes, our rooms can be divided into different difficulty levels (1-5).

• Sherlock: Level 3
• Kuckucksnest 1 & 2: Level 3
• Tatort: Level 4
• Robin: Level 5
What does Kuckucksnest Battle-Room mean?
Our two rooms Kuckucksnest 1 & 2 are built identically, with the same puzzles and tasks, so two groups can compete against each other. The one who escapes first wins! But of course you can also book our Kuckucksnest individually.
In which languages can I play?
Besides German, you can also play all our rooms in English. If you come to us as an international group, we ask you for a short note when booking, so that we can prepare everything accordingly for you.
Are the rooms suitable for children?
All our rooms are suitable for children and not scary. Therefore, families with babies and toddlers can play our adventures without any problems.

However, there may be some small moments of fright. You know your children best and can best judge whether they will enjoy this. We have the possibility to prevent moments of fright in all rooms. Please contact us before the game.
Do I play together with strangers?
No, you book the room for your team and thus determine yourself who plays. The room is reserved exclusively for you.
We are a large group and do not fit in one room. What to do?
In our house, up to 32 people can play at the same time, which are then divided among several rooms. Of course you can also play in two "shifts". For larger groups please call us at (+49) 228 52269834.

Before or after the game, our "Gelber Salon" with cool drinks and plenty of space invites you to linger together.
May I take photos in the rooms?
No, please don't - photos in our game rooms are unfortunately not allowed to keep rooms and puzzles secret. However, we will take a souvenir photo of you before the game and send it to you by e-mail. This way you will definitely have a souvenir of your successful escape!


How can I book a room?
You can book conveniently via our website: Just choose the room you would like to play and follow the instructions. We are also happy to accept your booking by phone at (+49) 228 52269834.

The number of people can still be adjusted on site, the number of rooms is binding please.
How much does the fun cost?
The price is the same for all rooms and depends on the number of people playing:

Person Price Price/Person
2 80,- € 40,- €
3 99,- € 33,- €
4 116,- € 29,- €
5 130,- € 26,- €
6 144,- € 24,- €
7 168,- € 24,- €
What if the number in my team changes?
The price will be adjusted on site to the actual number of participants, only the booked number of rooms is binding. So you only pay for the people who really play the game. It is therefore no problem if one of you gets sick or if you bring another friend.
How can I pay?
Please pay after your game on site in cash or with PayPal.

Companies can also pay on account after the event. If you would like to do so, please contact us and send us the invoice details before your game.
Can I cancel my booking?
Should you become ill and want to cancel your room, we also accept cancellations at short notice. Please contact us by phone or e-mail. In case of an unannounced no-show we charge 50% of the total booking.

The number of persons can be adjusted on site, the booked number of rooms is binding.
Can I buy a gift voucher?
Of course you can also get gift vouchers from us! When buying you do not have to commit to a room or a date. You can choose the amount of the voucher here: GIFT CARDS.

The vouchers will be sent by mail on the same day. You will receive a nice voucher card with envelope and ribbon, which you can personalize. If you are in a hurry and would like to receive the voucher by e-mail, please write us a short message in the form.
Is there any discounted admission?
We offer reduced admission for pupils, trainees, students and people in need: From Monday to Friday you pay 20€ per person, if there are at least 4 players per room. Please book your room via our website or by phone and bring your ID with you - then we will adjust the price accordingly. The offer is not valid on weekends and holidays.

The family special, on the other hand, is always valid: If parents/guardians, grandparents and children under 18 want to play together, the family rate of 99€ per room applies.