What are Escape Rooms?
Escape Rooms are specially designed puzzle rooms, which can be played with a self-chosen team of 2-7 people. You must get out of the room in 60 minutes and you have to solve various tasks with logic, dexterity or general knowledge. There are a lot of keys, locks, codes and hidden signs. The groups in the rooms are monitored by a game controller of the FLUCHTGEFAHR, who helps, if necessary. In the FLUCHTGEFAHR we offer 5 rooms with 4 different stories and scenarios. Sherlock (Holmes - our classic) Crime scene (TATORT German thriller) Robin Hood (from the Middle Ages) Kuckucksnest (2 rooms)
Am I too old/too young?
You can't really be too old and you don't have to be particularly athletic. If guests under 14 years are involved, we ask for at least one adult in the room. Our rooms are sophisticated, but so far, most have managed to get out in time.
Do I have to be athletic or particularly smart?
Solving the puzzles does not require any athleticism. The puzzles are sometimes tough, but special knowledge is not required.
Do I play with strangers?
No; You book one or more rooms only for your team and determine who plays there.
What do I have to bring/wear?
Your normal leisure / office clothing are absolutely sufficient. In case your reading glasses are necessary. But please don't take pens, magnifying glasses, smart phones, cameras or any tools into the room. There are lockers for jackets, bags and valuables for all groups. We give you the key to the looker so that nobody has access to your personal belongings.
What is a typical visit like?
Please come to the Endenicher Strasse 282 in Bonn (big white villa next to supermarket KAISER`s) 15 minutes before the appointment. After putting away your belongings and using the toilet if necessary, the staff explain the game for everybody and you can ask questions, too. Then you will be led into the rooms where you have 60 minutes to solve all the tasks. (Some people make it faster.) After the game you can take photos and you will get a small present. The whole visit will take about 90 minutes.
How many people fit in a room?
• Sherlock and Kuckucksnest 1 & 2 = 2 to 6 people
• Tatort: 3 - 7 people
• Robin: 4 - 6 people
In which languages can I play?
In addition to German, all rooms are equipped with English as well. If you are coming with an international group, we would ask you to let us know in advance.
Can I take photos in the rooms?
No, please do not. Photos in our game rooms are forbidden to keep the rooms and puzzles secret. We would be happy to take a photo of you outside of the game rooms.
We are a large group and do not fit into one room...
In our building, up to 30 people can play at the same time, divided into several rooms. For larger groups please call us at: +49 228 52269834. You can also have some drinks before or after the game in our lounge "Yellow Saloon".
Where can I park?
You may park in the KAISER`s supermarket parking lot, accessible via the Herman Wanderslebring (B56). There you can park free of charge.
Are there restaurants nearby?
On our website, click "Corporate Events" and you will find a list of almost all the restaurants in the neighborhood. It is best to make your personal reservations.
Photos of you on Facebook ...
We post a picture of all the groups on Facebook. Please let us know if you would rather not have your group's picture posted.


How can I book a room?
Either call us at +49 228 52269834 or go to "BOOKING" on our website and follow the instructions. If you select "Cash Payment", you don't have to set the number in your team until you get there.
What does the fun cost?
The price is the same for all rooms and depends on how many are in your team: Persons Price Price/Person:
Person Price Price/Person
2 80 € 40,00 €
3 90 € 30,00 €
4 110 € 27,50 €
5 120 € 24,00 €
6 135 € 22,50 €
7 155 € 22,14 €
Payment options:
The best thing to do, after the event, is in cash (no debit or credit cards). On the website you have various online payment possibilities. Companies can also pay on invoice after the event.
What are the cancellation rules?
If you want to cancel a room, please call at least two weeks before the reservation.
What if the number in my team changes?
If you choose the option "Cash Payment", we can adjust the price on the spot to the actual number of participants. So it is not a problem if someone gets sick or another friend comes along
Are there gift cards?
Yes, you can buy gift cards without making a fix reservation. Just take a look at the page "GIFT CARDS" here. Or just call us at: +49 228 52269834 for a more pretty one with some giveaways, which you will get by post.
Student tarif
Student tarif from monday to friday: 19, - € per student or pupil, from 4 players / room, only bookable by phone 0228 52269834, please bring ID.


How many people fit in a room?
• Sherlock and Kuckucksnest 1 & 2 = 2 to 6 people each
• Trotat: 3 - 7 people
• Robin: 4 - 6 people
Is it creepy or dark?
No, you don't need to be afraid of anything. However, if you become uncomfortable, you or the game leader can set you free at any time.
What if I am totally stuck and I don't know any way out?
No fear! You will always be watched over cameras by our friendly game leaders, who will help you over monitors. So you won't get bored!
Are there different difficulty levels?
Yes. Difficulty Level 1 to 5.
• Sherlock: 3 ***
• Kuckucksnest 1 & 2: 3 ***
• Trotat: 4 ****
• Robin: 5 *****
Is it dangerous? Am I really locked?
No; The rooms are closed for the 60 minutes, however, there are emergency exits, which are shown before. In addition, the staff of the FLUCHTGEFAHR can intervene at any time if there is a problem or you have to leave.
What do the "Battle-Rooms" (Kuckucksnest 1 & 2) work?
Our two Cuckoo's Nest rooms are absolutely identical with the same puzzles and tasks so that two groups can compete against each other. Whoever escapes first will win!